Some tips for using Karbon to manage your tax workflow

At the beginning of tax season you probably don’t want all your tax jobs to start at once, or have all their associated Tasks over-populate your To-do list. So here’s an effective way you can manage this in Karbon:

1. Create your Work

Create all your tax work to start and be due on the same date at the end of tax season. (eg. April 15th)

By doing this, all your tax work will be in Karbon with a status of  “Planned” and all your Tasks will sit in the “Later” period of your To-do list.

2. Update your practice settings

Go into your Practice settings/ Workflow statuses and turn on the setting, “When work changes from Planned to In Progress, update its start date

This will ensure that the Work start date will be updated when you move your Tax work into the status, “In Progress”.

3. Update your status to get started

When you’re ready to start a particular piece of work—perhaps because your client has provided you with their documentation—go to that work item and update the status to “In Progress”. Alternatively, just complete a Task and Karbon will update the work item to In Progress.

This will update the work start date to be today’s date, and bring all the Work Tasks into the To-do period, “Today”.

Due dates
One thing to note is that Task due dates will not get updated when you update the work start date. However, if you’d like to update these, you can do this in bulk from the piece of work. On each Task section, click the options menu (...) and select “Set due dates”.

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