Connecting to TSheets

You can track time against contacts or work in Karbon by integrating your account with TSheets. 

Before you get started

If you are an existing TSheets user, you must take the time to ensure that your contact names in Karbon match any codes in TSheets before you connect the two apps.

This is a critical step—any Karbon contacts that don’t match a TSheets code will be created as a new code in TSheets.

To avoid creating duplicates, we recommend exporting your codes from TSheets and comparing them with your Karbon contacts. Take the time to ensure your client names in TSheets match your contact names in Karbon.

Though the Karbon/TSheets sync is not case-sensitive, if you are syncing your TSheets account with QBO or Xero, the Karbon contacts must be exactly the same and are case sensitive.

Connecting your accounts

Step 1. Connect to TSheets

From Practice Settings, choose Connected apps. You'll then be able to connect with Tsheets.

You'll be given the option to connect an existing account, or if you don’t have a TSheets account, you’ll also be able to create one with a 14-day free trial.


Step 2. Choose what to sync

Once you have connected your TSheets account you will be able to set up your integration settings.

You can choose to track time against each contact, or both contacts and work items.

Note: Choosing to sync your work will create codes in TSheets for all of your Karbon work items. So, if you will only be tracking time against clients, keep things clean by only selecting to sync your contacts.

You then select what contact types you will track time against. For example, if you don't need to track time against Suppliers, you can leave that contact type unchecked.

Once you click Save & Sync, the data you have chosen will be synced with TSheets. You can now begin to track time from either Karbon or your TSheets dashboard.



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