Editing a client task email

The client task emails and reminder emails that are sent out to clients can now be edited from within the client task setup module.

Editing client task emails in a template

If client task emails are customized on a template.  all work created from the template will adopt these changes and have the same client task emails. 

Editing client task emails in a piece of Work

If you would like to create a customized client task email for a specific client or contact, this may be done in the work. If the work is set up on a schedule, all work in the series will adopt the customized email. 

How to edit the client task email

From within the Work's task tab, select the Sent to Client button on the client task module. 




A model will appear where you can now select Edit email




The default email is shown but may now be customized. 



Once the client task email is customized correctly and saved you are brought to the reminder set up where you can not only set the reminder schedule, but also edit the reminder emails. 








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