Reporting on email with Insights

Reporting on email with Insights Currently provide you with statistics about your team and client communication in a given month. Email Insights is currently in open beta. Register your interest to have it turned on in your firm's Karbon account. 

Unlike Insights for work, you are not able to drill down into the reports for granular data. 

Charts, metrics and leaderboards include:

  • Percentage of emails added to contacts
  • Percentage of emails added to work item
  • Daily email volume
  • Total number of emails received
  • Total number of emails sent
  • Time of day emails are sent and received
  • Number of replies to an email
  • Email response time
  • Colleague leaderboard: volume of email currently in Triage
  • Colleague leaderboard: average email response time
  • Colleague leaderboard: emails sent
  • Colleague leaderboard: emails received
  • Client leaderboard: days since last email
  • Email volume

Tracking firm-wide email

You can track the percentage of emails that are work related (assigned to work or added to a contact) along with the sheer daily volume of the email, time of day emails are being received, and average response time. 



Colleague and client leaderboards enable you to track different metrics per team member or client. 


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