Release notes—December 17, 2017


A special holiday gift—emojis are now available in Karbon for you to add to your emails or notes. Just select them from the formatting bar to enhance your messages.


Karbon Insights

Karbon Insights has been designed to help you keep a finger on the pulse of everything going on throughout your accounting practice. Now available to all Karbon customers after an open beta release, up-to-date charts and metrics show your team's output, including client and colleague leaderboards and the ability to drill down into specific work items. With a tight handle on who is completing work, the time it takes to move jobs through your workflow statuses, and vital efficiency statistics, managing your firm's output has never been easier.

To get started, we recommend you read the Karbon Insights guide.

And coming in early 2018—Email Insights. Register your firm's interest to be invited to the open beta, where you'll be able to track vital communication metrics.


Triage filters

Triage provides you with notifications of your most important new items—email, assigned work, client task activity, and notes where a colleague @mentions you. New Triage filters allow you to select the items that you want to see, helping you to attend to what's most important first.


Triage color indicators

New icons have been added to help you distinguish between notes, assigned work items, and email in Triage. You'll notice these to the left of all every new item.


Collapsed email indicator

A large email thread containing lots of replies can be difficult to navigate. To make it easier for you, we've introduced a new icon that shows you the number of older emails in the thread that are collapsed. To show these emails, just click on the icon.


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