Release notes — 23 December 2015

Bulk create work
When you receive a signed engagement letter from your client you can now create all their work in one go using the "Schedule recurring work" functionality.

Improved Office365 inbox and Triage synching
Actions performed in Office365 will now be reflected in Triage, and vice versa. If you read an email in Triage, it will be marked as read in your Office365 inbox. When you archive email in your Office365 inbox it clears it from your Triage, and if you clear an email in Triage it will archive in your Office365 inbox.

Upload, remove and rename documents on work
Now you can upload documents directly to work, and remove any documents you don't want. You can also rename documents already in IQ without having to download them first — A great time saver for fixing those poorly named spreadsheets from your client.

Primary contacts cards
For your contacts with multiple contact cards, you can now mark which one is their primary card. And it's dead simple to share contacts details between cards as you can easily copy them across.

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