Release notes — 14 November 2015

We released the following new features today:

We’ve made creating new work more efficient. When creating new work you can now assign it, include a start date, and a due date. 

Work headers now provide more context with status, start date, and checklists.

Add email messages to contacts. In triage, you can now add emails to contacts. This is useful if you need to put an email on an organisation timeline. 

Improved synching between your Gmail inbox and triage. With all new emails actions performed in one will now be reflected in the other. If you read an email in triage, it will be marked as read in your Gmail inbox and vice versa. When you archive email in your Gmail inbox, it clears in triage and if you clear an email in triage it will archive in your Gmail inbox.

Delete contacts. You can permanently delete any person or organisation contact.

Checklists. We’ve added the following functionality:

  • Ability to set due dates for each checklist item
  • Ability to bulk assign all checklist items to one colleague
  • Quicker set up of checklists. When setting up your checklists you can copy a numbered or bulleted list from another document/system and paste it into your checklist
  • Checklist templates. If you’ve created a checklist and you want to use it on another piece of work, simply go to the checklist and click on “copy to other work”. Here you have the option to paste it into an existing piece of work or create new work with the checklist included. 

Please keep the feedback coming. All of these features are because of the feedback we've received.

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