Edit organization details

Go to the organization's profile, and onto the Details tab. 


Contact type - defines the contact type you have assigned, you also have the ability to edit the type by 'Edit contact type' 


Office details

These are the details from the company, from physical to online directions of where to find them. By adding the company's website, Karbon brings in all social details.


Accounting details

Clicking on Connect allows you to bring in all your accounting details for that client from Quickbooks online. Simply click on Connect and follow the prompts.

You can add your accounting details manually by clicking on Add accounting details. This will allow you to edit:

  • Basics like legal name, incorporation date, country.
  • Tax Details, for example fiscal year, tax ID, sales tax details, etc.
  • Systems: in this section you can add all systems you use to manage cash, accounting, payroll, expenses and others. Sections include Bank, Bill pay, Revenue, Payroll, Benefits and Expenses.
  • Ownership: include a list of all owners of the organization.
  • Officers: details about the management of the company.

Your client team

Here is the list of colleagues who are responsible for the work done for this client. 


You'll be able to see the people associated with the entity. To add or remove a person from this list, you need to go to that contact's timeline and edit the appropriate contact card.




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