Add a to-do item


You can add an email to your to-do by assigning the email to yourself (from triage or any timelines within Karbon). You can add an email to a colleague's To-do by assigning the email to them. It will appear in the To-do period based on the To-do date you identify.


You can add a note to a to-do list by creating it from the global add and assigning it to someone. You can also add a note by going to the person's To-do list and clicking on Add a note.

The note will become a to-do item if it is assigned to yourself or to a colleague. If the note is attached to a piece of work or a contact but has no assignee, it will not appear in anyone's To-do.


Every time you add a piece of work, it will automatically appear in your to-do list for the week matching the start date.


When a Task is created and assigned to you, it will appear in your to-do list on the start date week of the piece of work the Task belongs to.  Or, you can choose a To-do date for the item, which will cause the item to display in that correlating To-do period. 

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