Release notes — 29 May 2016

Low Priority email

Now you can mark emails that you don’t want coming into Triage as low priority. All low priority emails will go directly into a new low priority section where you can read and clear them at your leisure, without distracting you from the important emails in Triage. See how to set an email as low priority here.

Work moves to In progress on its start date

The status of a piece of work now automatically updates from ‘Planned’ to ‘In progress’ when you reach the work’s start date.

Checklists updates

We’ve made some improvements to checklists:

  • They now live in their own tab within Work
  • You can add sections to break up your checklist
  • When copying a checklist to a new piece of work, you can now copy the entire checklist via the work options menu (...), copy a checklist section via the sections options menu (...), or copy an individual checklist item via the checklist item options menu (...)
  • We’ve made improvements to the drag and drop functionality so it’s smoother
  • There is now the option to add new checklist items in the middle of a checklist from the options menu (...)
  • We’ve added quick links to ‘assign to me’
  • The Work header now displays the % complete as well as the total number of checklists completed

Removal of the People tab in Work

In order to create space for the Checklist tab, we've moved People to sit within details. It looks exactly as it did before displaying who is assigned and the other people in involved.

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