Schedule work

On every piece of work there is an option to setup a schedule. This will schedule the work to repeat itself until either a date you define, or no end date. To generate this, from the options menu "..." select Schedule work.

Anatomy of the work scheduler

Repeat every
First you need to select how often will the work repeat. You start by selecting your preferred time period, and then the end period (this can be a selected date, or forever)

Select when the work will be due: on the day of the month, days after the work start date, the day of the following month…

Work title
Finally, you have the option to append the title with a timeframe (for example "Monthly Payroll Month, Year"). The reason behind this is that many accountants do work in arrears: in one month for the previous month.  

For example, you may be doing month-end 1- 14 April, but it’s for March. So you may want to create all your repeating month-end you may choose to append the title with “Previous Period”, so it gets created with title “Month-end March”

The alternative is the current period, which would create the work title as “Month End April”.

Or you can choose not append anything and just have Month end.


Modifying scheduled work

If the next work item in the schedule is 14 days out, then the task will flow through to the future work item. 14 days before any planned work is set to start, it will look back at the previous work item and adopt the checklist.  Important to note: if the customer goes to any future work and clicks on the task list (just to take a sneak peek), Karbon will assume they are ready to start the work and adopt the checklist from the previous work item at that point. Same holds true if the planned work is updated to "in progress".

Some important notes on Tasks

Tasks and the corresponding to-do items for a scheduled piece of work will be created two weeks before the work’s planned start date. This information will be copied directly from the piece of work scheduled immediately before it.

Once this happens the new Tasks will be ‘divorced’ from the Task list it was copied from. This means it won’t be updated if any changes are made to the Tasks in pieces of work that are scheduled earlier.

The ‘divorce’ of the Task list will happen sooner than two weeks before the piece of work’s planned start date if you manually change the work’s status to ‘In progress’, or if you click on the Task tab. If you do either of these actions, the piece of work’s Tasks and to-do items will be created.

How far into the future does the scheduler create work?

The scheduler will always create work in Karbon 3 months in advance of its start date

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