Release notes — October 16, 2016

Today we released the following updates to Karbon:

Custom workflow statuses
Every practice has their own way of doing things, so we've introduced custom statuses, allowing you to customize your workflow to suit your practice.

To add your own workflow statuses go to 'Practice Settings/Workflow statuses'. We've added a few custom statuses to get you started, so you can edit or delete the ones you don't want, and of course add your own.

Learn more about creating your own custom workflow statuses

Bulk reassign checklist items
The next time you reassign a checklist item you'll notice an option to also reassign all other items in that checklist from the current assignee, to the new one. This is particularly useful if someone is away or no longer working on a project as you can reassign all their checklist items in one go.

Kanban just got better!
Now that we have custom statuses, choosing to sort your Kanban board by work status will show how work is progressing at each stage in your workflow.

Also when sorting your Kanban board by Due date or Start date, we've added a 'Next week' column to give a better view of what's coming up.

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